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Custom Map Framing Denver

Custom Map Framing Denver First Bird’s Eye Map of New York from 1897! Custom framed with exclusively acid-free materials!

Bridge To Bridge


Spencer Nee, a Denver native, will be biking about 4000 miles coast to coast this summer to raise money for Providence Network. Spencer spent many years battling alcohol addiction, and was homeless for a time because of the addiction. Providence House, a sober living community, helped save Spencer‘s life.

He has now turned his life completely around, earning his LPN and RN in nursing. He is also celebrating 7 years of sobriety. We’re all really proud of Spencer for his accomplishments!

Spencer will be riding from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and he’s calling the fundraiser “Bridge to Bridge.” All donations will support Providence Network’s effort to focus on the growing population of homeless youth and young adults.

Please check out his website and social media pages and pledge your support by the mile for this worthy cause! He is also looking for corporate sponsors to help him with his expenses in exchange for names/ logos on his jersey and other promotional material. PLEASE SUPPORT SPENCER!

Map Framing Denver


Vintage New York map framed with Larson-Juhl Custom Frames Linea stacked on top of a Roma Moulding Tabacchino fillet!