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Object Framing



Turn your favorite collection into “art” so you can enjoy it every day.

Frames In Unusual Places


Rooms can be functional without losing style. This bookcase appears to be filled with hundreds of magazines. Rather than letting them dominate the room, small framed photos nestle into each cubbyhole, adding both STYLE and a personal touch.

Mixing & Matching Frames!


The frames in a grouping do not have to match. Here we see black, gold and silver frames together on one wall. There are also different styles and moulding widths. Planned diversity helps make this wall interesting.

Custom Framed Nursery


Decor never HAS to be predictable…even in the baby’s room. You can choose the unexpected to create a fun and thought-provoking room, as shown in this room design by Brian Patrick Flynn.

Frames For The Denver Home


Blending this narrow frame with the color of the adjacent mat border prevents it from looking skimpy. If the frame was a contrasting color, a wider moulding would look much better.