White mats are used more often than any other color, but they are not the only choice. The medium gray mats used on these photos allow both the light and dark highlights in the art to stand out on their own. This mat color also blends with the headboard and floor, helping the framing relate to the room.

Custom Framed Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Jerseys!

It’s official! Our first batch of authentic NFL Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jerseys have finally arrived! We are incredibly excited about this new edition to our store! We have a limited number, so stop in today and pick up this awesome jersey signed by our future Hall of Fame quarterback! At FastFrame of LoDo, we custom frame at least two sports jerseys a week, and we’ve become pretty good at it (if we do say so ourselves). Bring in your favorite team jersey and we will help make it look it’s best, while keeping it preserved for years to come! When you think of jersey framing, think FastFrame of LoDo – Denver’s Jersey Framing Specialist!

Custom Framed Patterns, Fabric & Wallpaper

Pieces of fabric or wallpaper become art when they are beautifully custom framed. The color, style and patterns available are vast so there is something for everyone.


How/Where to Hang Custom Framed Artwork!

Here’s a smart way to bring many different pieces of custom framed art together in one space, without having to put effort into a hanging gallery wall. Line a hallway with shallow shelves (don’t forget, lips on the shelves help!) and add all of the art in any way you like. It’s easy to switch out as seasons – or your tastes – change!

Custom Framed Details

Custom framing offers endless possibilities for showcasing personal treasures, whether that happens to be a collection like this, or something completely different. In this design, a magnifying glass was attached in front of the frame and glass (using epoxy glue) to highlight one of the more special stamps.

Unique Items to Custom Frame – Denver Framing

Not only do we frame your typical paintings and photography, we can frame nearly anything! For instance, take a look at this custom framed antique shawl in a shadowbox frame on suede matting. This is an excellent way to preserve an antique item that has been in your family for generations. Whether you have your child’s artwork, a jersey, or an antique shawl, FastFrame of LoDo is Denver’s Expert Custom Picture Framing business and we’re here to serve you!


Outdoor Custom Frames!

Here’s a great idea from Better Homes & Gardens. Hang empty frames on your covered porch and place natural materials in them. You can also change them seasonally or decorate them for holidays! Be the first in Denver to give this a try!