Wall Groupings

It’s great to be able to sit and watch our favorite TV shows, but that doesn’t mean the TV has to be the focal point of the room 24/7. You can camouflage your TV by integrating it into a wall grouping with framed art.

Jersey Framing

FastFrame of LoDo is Denver’s jersey framing specialist! We typically frame one to two sports jerseys each week, so needless to say we’ve done a lot of them! Let us help you design your jersey to give it the best presentation possible, while preserving it for years to come using strictly acid-free materials. We also stitch down each jersey so that it will stay in place, but the process can also be reversed and will not harm your jersey. If you have a jersey framing project you’ve been wanting to get done, come to FastFrame of LoDo!

Limited Space

Due to open floor plans and numerous windows, many homes today lack traditional wall space. You may have to look for alternatives in order to display framed art. Here three pieces were hung on the side of a kitchen cabinet.


Make A Statement

Make a BIG statement on a LARGE wall by repeating a BOLD framed graphic.

Mat Borders

Generously proportioned mat borders help call attention to these small photos and make them sizable enough to become the focal point over the sofa.


Framing for the Man Cave

If there is a Man Cave in your house, there are plenty of custom framing opportunities you can use to personalize it. Football, Baseball and NASCAR memorabilia are common themes, but fishing or the man’s own outdoor adventures, such as skiing and sky diving also provide things to frame. There is no time like the present to spruce up your cave!

Wall Groupings

Notice the horizontal space in this grouping, dividing the upper and lower halves. A common space running from side to side or top to bottom helps to prevent the grouping of framed art from looking chaotic.