Custom Framed Fabric Items – Denver, CO


Framed upholstery fabric with colorful patterns can make a bold statement on a large wall. This piece is in a float frame, but other styles and colors can be used, too. Make sure the fabric is mounted properly to avoid the wrinkles shown here. A quilt can also be framed to fill a large wall space.

Televisions Among Art


We love our TVs, but they are not exactly a great design piece in most rooms. By integrating the TV in with custom framed art, it is less obvious, yet is still right there when you want to watch your favorite shows.

Large Custom Framed Art


A single, large piece of custom framed art provides a great way to fill a wall and to make a BIG statement!

Custom Picture Framed Wall Groupings

734308_467968316595545_527340383_nAs an alternative to one large piece of framed art over the fireplace, create a grouping of smaller pieces. Vary the colors of the art, mats and frames to add visual appeal.

Custom Framed Tulips


Sometimes it is fun to take a whimsical approach with your frame designs. In this case we used wooden dowels to create “stems” for the tulips prints. These were attached to the frames with screws and extend to the floor.