FastFrame of LoDo: HGTV Design Star Framing Edition Category Winner in 2013!

Dillon Jarrod Perrott

Above is an image of the framed piece FastFrame of LoDo designed for Larson-Juhl Custom Frames’ HGTV Design Star Framing Edition Competition at the West Coast Art & Framing Convention in Las Vegas in January of 2013! We are pleased to announce that we were category WINNERS in the Dillon Frame Design Competition! We’re thrilled that our design was such a hit and appreciate the opportunity to participate! Take a look at Judge Kerry Howard’s comments below on our design:

Judge's Quote

Custom Picture Frames Can Work Magic!


Have we ever shared before about how custom framing can work magic? It can! Take this image from House Beautiful Magazine – The designer started with three smaller antique prints… Because the scale was a bit off to hang them as is above the desk, they used an oversize matboard, in the same tone as the artwork to add scale to the pieces, and then custom framed from there! This is a fantastic way to magically make art larger, to fit within a specific space

How & Where To Hang Custom Picture Framing – Denver, CO


When choosing frames, the primary goal should be to enhance the art. Although it is not necessary to match the framing to the room, it is smart to create a good sense of balance with the space. A narrow float frame around this large painting works well with the art, but also relates to the scale of the furnishings for a cohesive look. Notice the skinny table legs and the narrow arms on the sofa and chairs.

Custom Framed Children’s Room


Custom framed photos are a wonderful addition to a child’s room. If the back is left accessible, you can change out the photos whenever you want to.You can even mix it up by adding in some artwork.

Leaning Custom Framed Art


It has become quite acceptable, and even stylish, to display large pieces of framed art behind furniture. Although you may not want to hide half of your favorite piece of art, this may be a good solution if you move and don’t have the wall space you had previously.