Stacked Frames


A generously proportioned stacked moulding combination is the perfect thing to balance this painting with the large scale of the furnishings in the room. Everything in the space is large and heavy looking. A narrow frame moulding would have looked skimpy and out of place.

Custom Frames as a Headboard


A headboard helps make the bed a focal point in a room. Framed art displayed over the head of the bed can do the same thing. Choose one large piece or several smaller pieces to create a center of interest in your room.

Wrapped Picture Frames


A wrapped custom frame for the corners of your walls! (Just make sure you don’t cut or fold anything of value!)

Framed Art Complimenting Furniture


Notice how the figure 8 shape in the art relates to the round shapes of the table and chairs. The overall look is up to date, yet a bit retro.

Large Custom Framed Art


A LARGE room can handle a BIG piece of framed art. When you have the space, make a STATEMENT!

Time for Change!


Time for change! Don’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight!

Custom Framed Mirrors


Large framed mirrors and art may be the perfect solution to add color and character to those big, empty walls in your foyer, hallways and stairway landings. Come see the selection today at FastFrame of LoDo in Downtown Denver!