Month: April 2013

Custom Framed Kids Denver


Doll clothes, custom framed in shadowboxes, can become art for a little girl’s bedroom. For a young boy, cars and trucks may provide the decorating answer.

Wall Groupings


Wall groupings can be a matched set of art, but they can also be a creative mix of whatever you love. Using different types of art, different styles of moulding and different shapes and sizes are a great way to show off your personal style.

Shadowbox Framing Denver


Looking to make a unique statement on your walls? Articles of clothing provide another framing option. In addition to the Asian robe shown here, sports jerseys, baby clothes, a souvenir t-shirt from a concert, a vintage swimsuit and more can be framed…even a wedding dress!



Many of us hang framed art symmetrically, but there are good reasons not to do so. In this case, hanging the left picture higher than the one on the right offsets the height of the lamp on the right. also, the black door weights down that side of the room so placing the left frame higher “lifts” away some of the heaviness.